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Honoka Miyaji is a dancer from Japan. Born and raised in Kagawa prefecture, she started dancing when she was 6 years old as a member of Los Valientes dance company as the first children's salsa team in Asia. At the age of 10 she started training in Ballet, Jazz and modern dance. At age 16 she competed in and became a world champion at World Latin Dance Cup's Amateur Salsa On2 division.
After graduating from high school she moved to New York City as an international dance student to begin in depth training in Salsa On 2 as well as other forms of dance at The Peridance Center.
While studying at Peridance she had an opportunity to train and perform salsa for 3 years at a large number of events and festivals around the globe.
She is now honored to be able to join the Cúcala Dance Company as a first-generation performer and cannot wait to create awesome new memories and be a part of its future success

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